Love Bytes

Love Bytes is a lighthearted, irreverent 2D adventure designed to poke fun at twenty-first century dating, particularly online dating.

Put a dating profile together as you get signed up for “okcrappy,” the latest online dating site, as it sucks you into a literal internet maze. On the way, you just might meet someone…but some of the “dates” you meet along the way might turn out to be more helpful and more pleasant than others. Reach the end with a partner before time runs out, or risk dying alone and being miserable forever (maybe)!

The new and updated 2023 version of Love Bytes is currently in development and will be updated periodically. Keep any eye out for future additions!

Click here to download and play Love Bytes on (If you have any feedback or encounter any bugs or errors, please let me know by using this form!)

Format: 2D
Role: Designed concept, mechanics, puzzles, and levels; programmed entire game in C#; designed selected UI features
Software: Unity, Adobe Photoshop
Created: May 2023